Friday, May 7, 2010

Vdara Health & Beauty - First LV spa on Green Spa Network

Committed to sustainable luxury, Vdara Health & Beauty inside Vdara Hotel & Spa at CityCenter in Las Vegas, sets the stage for social and environmental responsibility, as it is the first Las Vegas spa to be part of the Green Spa Network.  From the rich Sapele wood that gracefully line the corridors, to the water-saving bath and shower fixtures and the vibrant vegan nail polish line,  Vdara Healthy & Beauty makes it easy to be green.  The spa focuses on holistic health, with an emphasis on using nature's healing elements.  At 18,000 square feet, the spa is a refreshing retreat that is not only revolutionary in design, but intimate and luxurious.

On the lobby level, you are encouraged to enjoy the fitness center, the salon, the champagne bar, and a boutique, which features a discerning selection of products that support the spa lifestyle.  One level above, is a co-ed relaxation lounge centered around a trickling rock fountain that meets as cascading chandelier of glass bubbles.  From withing 11 private treatment room, Vdara Health & Beauty offers a variety of body treatments, skin care therapies, massages and more.  One of the spa's specialty massage is the French Lavender Soothing Massage.  Calming lavender oil helps your body unwind, promotes restfulness, and balances the central nervous system to recharge your mood.  For the face, the Herbal Enzyme Facial is the ultimate purifying treatment that uses either black cherry of pumpkin enzymes to clear skin and slow down environmental damage.  Utilizing high-grade ingredients derived from herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetable oils, Vdara Health & Beauty is the ultimate in green indulgence.

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