Tuesday, May 18, 2010

8zone Nourishes the Body 'Round the Clock and Ensures Absorption

In an earlier post, I introduced 8zone, Apolo Anton Ohno's nutritional supplement and all the potential good that it offers.  A little more now on the meaning behind the name.  8zone was derived  from the three zones of the day that Ohno recognizes as the key times in which nutrients can be uniquely targeted.  Moreover, the ingredients in each zone are specifically delivered and - key word here - absorbed.

Claims that vitamins are not treated equal are true. Most of it has to do with absorption rate and potential blockers that prohibit absorption.  8zone is a health supplement that not only delivers usable vitamins and minerals, but also natural ingredients that promote balance, focus, weight loss and energy.  The supplement facts are there for you to read in full on the 8zone site.

Now about the zones.  8zone is delivered three times per day and is respectively called the red, white and blue zones.  The Red Zone, to be taken at the most active part of the day, offers a proprietary energy blend that promotes balanced energy and mental clarity without stimulants or caffeine.  In addition, the Red Zone boosts the metabolism to promote weight loss and provides a full-spectrum multi-vitamin complex to deliver "usable" vitamins and minerals.

The White Zone replenishes nutrients that are lost during the day and enriches the body with antioxidants from super-fruit extracts to support immunity.   It's also formulated to reduce the effects of aging and prolongs weight loss management throughout the day.

A late night complex, the Blue Zone promotes restful sleep and recovery without dependency.  There's no grogginess from a sudden awakening.  The body's muscles are repaired and released of oxidative stress. 

Besides the fact that 8zone is effective,  taking it is also a conscious reminder, if you will, of being  proactive with your body. This sets in motion (and I hope it will for many others) an effort to eat well and start (and stick to) a regular exercise program for optimum benefits.

That's why I call it wellness in a bottle.

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